January 28, 2014

Yeah, Toast! ~ Alicia Wozniak {Video}

 “If it pops too soon, press it down again—make toast!”

Who knew a breakfast food could be so funny!

I first heard this song way back in the late 90’s. I was in my very first job right out of college. It was a sales position and I was stuck in my car all day most days. This was before CD players were standard in cars. I may have even been driving a car that didn’t have a tape player. “A what,” some of you ask?

Mix tapes were the best gifts to give and receive.

Anyway, back to this song. I was sitting at a light somewhere in Columbus, Ohio and was listening to a morning show. This comedian was featured and sang “Yeah, Toast!” live on the radio.

Man, I love hysterically cracking up alone in my car at a red light.

Fast forward 20-ish years…

My daughter, who just turned 10 years old, had a friend sleepover for her birthday. Weez, my kid, wanted to make her friend toast for breakfast. The friend busted out this song. I couldn’t believe my ears!

“I know that song! That’s that dude… What’s his name?!” We both drew blanks. I mostly drew a blank because how in the hell does my freshly turned 10 year old daughter’s friend know this song from 20-ish years ago?!

Ah, the Internet is amazing.

I Googled the song and just as I pulled up the video she blurted out, “Heywood Banks!” Sure enough, she was right and we jammed to it in our pajamas in my kitchen.

Nice little flashback.

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