February 7, 2014

How Do We Know When We are Loved?


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Many people would be surprised to know that love is quantifiable.

Its effects on life are directly observable. A swami I heard speaking once said that Love = Service + Surrender. In my own experience, the influence of love always improves life, environment, oneself and the beloved.

Since love is an invisible force, how can it be recognized?

Love improves life.

The presence of a loving person simply feels good. They are inspiring. The positive qualities of life are nurtured in every way. Through time, a person will naturally blossom further and further in spirit. Happiness, peace, contentment, faithfulness and joy awaken. Skills and talents develop. Hard-work becomes easy; difficult days bearable.

A loving person always improves the lives of people they encounter.

Love is giving and serves.

Devotional service is action that benefits oneself and others.

It is the ultimate win-win scenario that allows everyone to prosper on many levels: physically, emotionally and mentally. This does not mean that a loving person becomes a slave to who they love. Rather, through recognizing ones own value, gifts and talents, they find ways to give of oneself for the benefit of family, friends and community.

A loving person is empowered and inspired in action.

Love surrenders.

The greatest impediment to love is the ego.

The children of ego are strife, conflict, fear and control. A loving person has no desire to cause harm. As a result they relinquish painful patterns and stand strong in their own truth. Surrendering with love does not mean a person will be a wet rag, rather they will stand strong in their own spirit. In communicating and living one’s own truth, there is a willing gentleness and effort to not harm others. This enables open communication, deepening relationships, and a free flow of spirit.

A loving person has great strength through quiet humility.

Love does not present itself with trumpets and fanfare.

The big attraction and excitement that is commonly associated with love can be the furthest thing from love. So when considering if someone is loving or not, the proof exists within their life. In how people respond to them, in the qualities of how that person relates, speaks and acts. Through the type of action such a person engages in, and the fruits of their labor, the evidence of love is revealed.

Love has its own fruits, observable and experiential when one has eyes to see.


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