February 2, 2014

On the Island of Recollection. ~ Alexa Mergen

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On the Island of Recollection

Teach a woman to fish, you have fed her for a lifetime. ~ Proverb


The light that day was watery.

The light that day, I remember,


was watery. Alison drove the launch

to the reef where we snorkeled.


I’d grown through the week into

solitude, stilled as a wading bird.


You learn to fish for kindness among

gentler creatures, agree to praise a god


on Sundays when offered a seat in the pew.

Holy places all about, there are, there are.


My heart too tired to protest. Gifts. This girl loved

my boyfriend, the boyfriend she. A palm tree


rattled its fronds and propped my back until

the little plane returned for my knapsack and me.


Yes, in a Caribbean archipelago I tipped and

emptied out like rainwater from a rubber boot.


You see, that day of watery light, I was young

enough to swim to where the nurse shark napped


without a ripple of fear or the urge to look up

at the shadow of the hull anchored above.

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Assistant Editor: Alicia Wozniak/Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo:  elephant journal archives

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