February 7, 2014

The Secrets I Keep.

secret lock key

I am a keeper of secrets.

Both by choice and by profession.

The following is an account of how I, as a secret keeper, experience this charge, this duty, this contract. Secrets are not necessarily a bad thing—if cared for correctly, they can be a thing of beauty.

In fact, the beauty of the secrets I keep remind me that I am not alone in this vast wonderful world.

Mostly though, this post is a practice of releasing the doubt and fear that can sometimes accompany a secret and, as I let go of that doubt and fear, love begins to carry me through, making space for the secrets of tomorrow, next week and next year.

This is my secret.

Working as a clairvoyant psychic and an intuitive coach, secrets are revealed to me daily.

In many ways, the word secret indicates that there is something wrong, something relatively “unholy” about what we keep inside. I am here to shout from the rooftops: we all have secrets, we all hold things close to our souls—we are all afraid to trust in another what we fear in ourselves.

During readings secrets arrive as information from the higher realms that I reveal to my clients. My clients, in turn, can move forward fearlessly on their journey with more tools in the toolbox they carry through life.

In coaching, secrets are revealed in a grandiose fashion: dreams, desires, setbacks and successes—and with this information, an action plan is set for success and healing. As a friend, I am a trusted confidant and secrets are whispered from the mouths closest to me about that which is held dear.

Like a treasure chest of gold coins, each and every secret has a shine, a story, a making peace with itself quality. Sometimes, like a chest, the burden can be heavy, hard to take and mystifying.

Mostly though, it is a privilege, an honor and a blessing.

I have come to discover as I keep these secrets and truths just how complex we are in our humanness.

No one person goes unscathed. In our love, our everyday, our awakenings, ego pushes and we pull—grappling with all that confronts us and moves us to new vibrations.

As tales are told and unfolded to me, I am constantly in awe of the beauty in the details. Puzzles are put together with great care and discovery—completed without reference to the picture on the box—and appear clearly as we delight in the actions we put forth. Each secret reveals another image to connect the pieces.


We all have them. We all keep them. We hold them for those who are near and dear.

And sometimes we hold them for strangers.

Some of my best kept secrets are for the strangers I meet—people calling from all corners of the world. They come into my life, I unfold their future before them and then out they go.

Sometimes I hope these strangers will keep me posted, or send a note but more often they come and then vanish back into the fog—these are the secrets that I hold extra dear and close. I am a hopeful support from afar.

Lately the secrets I keep overlap.

The stories weave in and out and I must remain stable in my own foundation in order to keep the players straight and the paths separate. The journey’s familiar: pathways repeat and stories ring in similar. But like snowflakes, each one is unique—a web of connection that swerves in and out, creating the beauty that is life.

It can be a lonely place this secret keeping.

It sets me apart at times. I already know the outcomes in certain conversations so smiles will have to suffice. No matter—I consciously sign on for this role, happily and with purpose. There is a warmth in carrying the treasure for someone else—supporting and encouraging their growth and evolution.

There comes a time when I feel like I might burst with the information but always, inevitably, it subsides, like a meditation. I let go of the need, the want, the ache to share and move forward keeping it in. This is the release.

Like the ebb and flow of tides, the secrets that I keep allow me to find rhythm.

They take away my fear of loneliness and of being alone. Through them I know that we are all connected and our webs of experience are all intertwined. I can almost see the relief on the faces of the secret tellers once they reveal what they have been longing to say—as though by telling me, they are relieved in the solidarity of it all.

There is a safety in this, a sense of security.

Like a vault in the bank feel free to make a deposit—I am happy to provide you with a key and number to your safety deposit box.

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