March 17, 2014

19 Reasons to Take a Facebook Break. ~ Carolyn Riker.

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Honestly, I enjoy Facebook and more recently Instagram.

I read quotes, add comments, laugh, see pictures, make friends and share articles. I find inspiration, humor and joy.

I love people and making connections. But there are times when I feel completely sucked dry by the barrage of being online.

I feel every negative word and icky vibe out there. Some of the messages are downright evil, boasting and mean. When it gets to this stage, I’m fairly good at extricating myself and close up shop.

Although, there’s another issue. It is much more stealthy too.

It’s when I slip into a mind-numb-coffee-tea-sipping-social-media-coma.

It is equally as toxic and wastes so much of my precious time.

Therefore I am sharpening my internal barometer and came up with this list to help me find my balance to step away from the vortex.

I know it’s time to take a break from social media when:

1. My attention span is less than 13 words.

2. I get n-o-t-h-i-n-g done for hours.

3. I hum, “A circle is round; it has no end. That’s how long I want to be your friend.”

4. Time is lost and my butt is numb.

5. All thoughts end with hearts and other emoticons.

6. I feel an urge to share a quote from whatever I’m reading.

7. My sentences end with ‘stickers’ of foxes or cats blowing kisses.

8. Cute animal videos clog multiple open tabs on my computer.

9. Everything I read becomes inspirational and I want to share it all.

10. I post Yogi Tea messages (in my favorite cat mug). It becomes an evening ritual.

11. A chocolate wrapper (with a poem) is a perfect way to eat and post a quote.

12. I ignore my kids, meals and cat.

13. Dinner burns.

14. I have a verbal commentary with my computer. They put that on Facebook? Seriously? Major eye roll. Hand to forehead. Who am I to judge?

I just did. Sigh. 

15. I-am-having-a-lousy-writer-human-day! Let’s feel worse and scan Facebook. Yay! (Not)

16. I post pictures of my cat and he gets more “likes” than all of my writing.

17. “Likes” and comments make me extra sensitive.

18. Coffee and tea mugs enhance my surroundings; meanwhile I grow dusty.

19. My mental well-being deteriorates from happy to sad just by what’s shared online.

It’s time to turn off the computer, step away and…

Go outside, if possible and garden. Take a walk. Clean a drawer. Do laundry. Write. Read. Listen to music. Play the piano. Paint my toenails. Dance with my cat.

I’m on a mission to challenge myself: I will reduce my online time especially when I start to numb out and when it’s no longer fun.  

Anyone care to join me?


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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo:  Wikimedia Commons

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