March 21, 2014

Bad Karma on the Yoga Mat. ~ Michael Mark {Poem}

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons


I‘m visualizing that sculpted guy

in front of me 

in his elegant Tree Pose falling

over and


that mom and daughter

in their geometrically precise Triangle

shattering into a rhombus

and a trapezoid.


Those perfect posers in their tattoos

just get to me.


I’m sorry.


It wasn’t my intention

when I stepped onto my mat

to be consumed with such bitterness.


Even the teacher’s glistening arms

in Warrior Two

make me want to fight.


I know I’m supposed to travel on the sea of

my own mat,

that everyone’s practice is their personal journey.


But I look out the window sometimes

and I just wish those clouds that look like

whales would swallow the balloons.


I will pay the price.


And it begins when the mother and daughter smile

after the session and wish me a beautiful day


and the Tree guy says he enjoys practicing with me,

that I have a good vibe.


Karma is relentless. Good thing.

I need lots of second chances.


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Editor: Bryonie Wise

Photo: Flickr


Read 12 Comments and Reply

Read 12 comments and reply

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