March 22, 2014

Bless You, Our Dear Elephant Editor, Bryonie Wise.


Change is inevitable.

We read this in yogic scriptures, we’re told this time and time again, as yogis we practice and are taught detachment, and we know change is also going to do us good, but then why in the hell is change so hard to fully embrace, or why is the old saying ‘this too shall pass’ sometimes hard to fully embrace?

Because we get used to things as we know them to be. We find deep comfort in consistency and dependability, and Bryonie Wise gave us this, each and every time we blogged.

She was/is an editor that wrote, “Warmly,” or “XOX,” at the end of her edits and messages, sending warmth and care, and when the piece submitted is just not there yet, she sent encouragement, questions, even, to inspired deeper contemplation.

She would ask thought-provoking questions about the piece, helping it arrive at the heart of things, and when way off and in need to be pulled back to our main point, she served as an amazing anchor, a beacon, calling our name, as if to say, “Come back, you’ve drifted too far, I don’t want you to make a soccer ball your best friend and start calling it Nelson. You’re not alone, keep writing, I hear you.”

Bryonie Wise leaving elephant journal is sad, but also good, change is good, but I personally will miss seeing her name after the word, “editor,” at the end of the pieces I’ve submitted. I’ll miss seeing the word, “Warmly,” at the end of her messages to me, because they truly were always warm, full of deep thought, and I never, not once, felt like just another writer, but rather as part of a great family contributing writers, to the greater Elephant community.

It’s not to say that I haven’t liked working with the other editors, they are all wonderful.

I’m simply going to miss this specific beacon, whom I even share the same taste in yoga pants, with, the stag wrapped around the ankle, made from recycled materials.

I always looked forward to her willingness to be unabashedly honest about where she was emotionally in life, and still do to this every moment, she’s someone I’ve never met in person.

Yet I feel such warmth and gratitude in heart for her attention to detail, the special care throughout our time together at EJ. Thank You, Bryonie.

I suppose I just didn’t feel right, submitting another post without recognizing my gratitude for her, my missing in knowing she won’t be on the receiving end anymore, least not here, and that deserves recognition, as well as wishes for her, publicly, as I remain happy as a blogger for the great Elephant.

Happy Trails, dear Bryonie. May you travel well, stay in touch, and extend your trunk from time to time, letting us know you are still there, after all, we elephants have sublime memory.

Bless for the many messes of mine you’ve made sing off the page. Bless for the attention to detail you so selflessly offered, and also, Bless for the path you’re taking now. Please know you carry in your heart a piece of each person you helped to bring to page.Thanks for shining your light.

Bless, Bless, and Bless again, dear kind soul. It’s been a kind and warm time sharing the road with you.

I now say, “Warmly,” because you started that fire of creative warmth. I bow in honor of you and all the great work, and light you shined. Keep Shining! Bless.


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Editor: Renee Picard

Photo: elephant archives

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Read 5 comments and reply

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