March 25, 2014

Dear Larry: An Astrological Advice Column (II).


“I’m pregnant and afraid to tell my father.”

Readers have written me with questions about their astrological charts and their Sun signs, as well as the Sun signs of important people in their lives, such as their spouses, friends, or bosses.

They want to know how astrology can help them find solutions to problems and conflicts they’re experiencing in their relationships, careers, or daily lives. This column is your chance to ask questions and receive practical answers. Please enjoy some recent questions I’ve received:


Dear Larry,

I’m 16 and normally very careful when I have sex with my boyfriend. As luck would have it, the one time we had unprotected sex, I find out I’m pregnant. I’m afraid to talk with my parents, especially my father, who is a very strict, disciplinarian Capricorn. He was an officer in the military and he still gives orders to everyone in our family as if we’re under his command. I’m a Pisces and he’s rather gruff and has hurt my feelings all my life by talking to me in very insensitive ways. My mother is very non-assertive and whatever Father says, goes. I want to tell my father, but I’m afraid he’ll yell and scream and just be upset. Please tell me what to do.

~ Pregnant in Pennsylvania

Dear Pregnant, 

I understand your fear of your father, since the dark side of Capricorns can be their strict, disciplined nature. While they are often people of integrity and good character, they are prone to being critical and cold. Now is the time you need someone to show you some understanding and offer you helpful guidance so that you can come up with the best solution for your problem. But the right thing to do is to talk to your parents and let them know what has happened. As a Capricorn, your father is likely to be very practical, realistic, and responsible. While he might give you a stern scolding for being irresponsible (which you deserve), he’s capable of giving you prudent counsel in this crisis. When you talk to him, be respectful and humble. Ask him, if he’ll agree to hear you out before he responds. Then tell him what happened. Take responsibility for your mistake and let him know that it will not happen again. Then, ask him if he’s willing to help you come up with the best solution.


Dear Larry,

I’m 32, and a Cancer who has always wanted children. I’ve been married for seven years and my wife, who is a Gemini, keeps coming up with excuses. I remind her that when we dated, I told her how important it was to have children. She said she understood and wanted the same thing. When we got engaged, I reminded her again about wanting children by the time I was 30. Each time I bring up the topic, she says she’s not ready and comes up with every excuse in the book to stall for “another six months,” before she’s ready. Recently, I overheard her talking to a girlfriend about having children. She confessed to her friend that she’s never wanted children. But she wanted to marry me and was sure she could change my mind once we were married. I was in shock to hear her say this. When I confronted her about lying to me, she apologized but said she does not want to have children. I love my wife, but I do want to have children. What should I do?

~ A Wanna-Be Dad

Dear Wanna-Be Dad, 

Part of the Gemini nature is to be very charming and artful with words. They have a great talent for talking themselves out of uncomfortable situations. The darker side of a Gemini is that they can be very comfortable about lying to reach their goals. It’s clear your wife lied to you. Now you must decide if you can accept that you’ll be childless, or talk to an attorney about divorcing a wife who has deceived you. A much deeper issue is: Do you want to be married to someone who has so little integrity that she’s comfortable lying to you about one of your dreams in life (which is having children)?


Dear Larry,

I’m a 29-year-old Scorpio and I haven’t had a lot success having long-term relationships with women. I find myself becoming sexually attracted to a woman and thinking that she’s attracted to me. The next thing I know, when I make my move to be sexual, I’m told that I’m coming on “too strong” or that I’m “only interested in one thing!”  When I go on a date with a woman, my plan is always to go slow and get to know her. But then when we’re alone at my place or hers, I just can’t control my behavior. What’s my problem?  

~ A Rejected Scorpio

Dear Rejected, 

It sounds like you have a very intense, sexual Scorpio nature, which is great. But you need to control it because right now, it’s controlling you. What’s happening within your Scorpion nature is that your unconscious desires are interfering with your conscious intentions. You’re not aware of the psychological issue driving your behavior. Some of those issues may be that you don’t respect women, but instead see them only as sexual objects for your personal gratification. If you really want to change this deep-seated behavior, you’ll most likely require professional assistance.


Dear Larry is written by Larry Schwimmer, an astrologer, life coach and career consultant. Write your questions to [email protected].

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