March 8, 2014

Energetic Exercise: Stop Outsourcing Our Dreams.

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At any given moment we all have access not only to the divine but we also have access to our soul source within us—the source in which all of our dreams and desires reside.

The spot in our heart where our true purpose, that which is our destiny and rightful path, sits in wait.

Also, within us there is a road map. A step by step instruction kit to take us where we want to go that instructs us towards the way to building our destiny. Working in tandem with our soul contracts (agreements that we hold between ourselves and all of our relationships, jobs, children—anything and everything that we are meant to learn and to aspire to achieving towards in life) our map keeps us on the path we are meant to lead. The only problem is— we are constantly giving away the opportunities we could have to follow our map. We outsource our dreams.

Every time we put something off, are too afraid to take a step towards our goals, or our inner self critic tells us we are not good enough or strong enough (or dog gone it—people won’t like it!) we outsource our dreams and someone, somewhere else starts doing the job we are meant to do.

Want to touch in and be inspired? Want help to achieve clarity and vision? Want to create mini miracles in the everyday?

I say, “Yes, please!”.

Here’s how:

Try and incorporate this exercise into a daily routine—either before bed or before jumping out of bed in the morning. Another option is to get it in during a shower—where there are a few moments to zone into a meditative space and visualize.

Step one: Slowly take three deep breaths in and out. Eyes closed, imagine the heart center glowing a beautiful gold. Feel the warmth and notice the center glowing and energized.

Step two: Once the felt sense of warming up and centering takes place, begin the process of asking for energetic clarity and help by saying “I welcome guidance into this room. I ask for the help that I need as I set out on my path. I ask that I receive the tools for my toolbox of life. I am open to receiving the information I need to move forward fearlessly and without hesitation”.

Step 3: After the ask for help is completed, repeat the following affirmation: “I welcome guidance and information. I seek that which will show me the way of what I am meant to do. I am paying attention to the assistance that surrounds me.”

Help can be asked for in many forms. It can be physical help—help to find a job, a partner, more income or it can be energetic—help to feel protected, inspired, energized, and awake. Whatever is needed at this is the time—just ask.

By doing this exercise the process to opening up to to the higher self and all that awaits will begin. Suddenly, there will be a jump in energy—messages popping up everywhere that help guide and illuminate the rightful path. Mini miracles that show the way—help for us to hit the ground running…fearlessly.

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Editor: Bryonie Wise

Photo: Pixoto

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