March 4, 2014

Jyotish {Vedic} Horoscopes for the Week of 3.03.


Moon is waxing (Shukla Paksha) and transits Pisces, Aries, Taurus and into Gemini this week. Moon is exalted and in its mulitrikona sign of Taurus from 3.6 to 3.8.

There are three planets simultaneously in retrograde motion for the next three days: Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. Jupiter goes direct on the 6th which starts forward momentum with all things Jupiter in Gemini. We can expect a march forward this month (pun intended) that provides us with expansion and intelligence in the realms of Mercury: creativity, commerce, communication.

With Jupiter still in Ardra nakshatra, ruled by Rahu, these trends come in worldly and externalized forms which a fair amount of cravings and “insatiable appetite” for change and movement. Read more about Jupiter in Gemini. 

This week may feel especially intense with the simultaneous retrograde motion of three major planets. We are each symbolically and literally re-shuffling our own decks. Kicking up dust. Internal winds blowing back in the unsettling past. Mental, emotional and physical bodies are feeling the return to the past. Nature and her cold, blustery temps concur. Be with what is. Don’t resist. Move with these tides; let them move you. Use this time to sit with the discomfort and trust that new opportunities, options, ideas, choices, opportunities will come next. And so the cycles go.

I have discussed the incredible waltz of Mars in the recent weeks and his movement in and out of Virgo and Libra. Retrograde, he is now moving back towards Virgo and re-enters on the 25th. As of right now he is pulling that Virgo energy into his dance which gives an extra essence of Mercury (Virgo’s ruler). Use good communication at this time to express your needs and healthy boundaries. Being clear about expectations is very important right now. Read more about the unusual dance of Mars until September.

There is a flurry of energy in Libra right now with Retrograde Mars, Rahu and now Retrograde Saturn. The Mars and Saturn energy can create a frustrating stop/start experience that can feel like grande “lurches” with forward momentum and then complete stops. This mixture combined with Rahu and Saturn here as well can heighten the frustration levels. Rahu and Saturn together create a “storm energy” associated with Rudra, a powerful storm god who is connected to weather. We have been experiencing this stormy weather within our internal landscape as well as our external landscape for months now because of their conjunction.

Now that Saturn is retrograde, there is a greater emphasis on the physical body; a demand of sorts. A unique perspective of Jaimini jyotish dictates that when an exalted planet goes retrograde, it becomes debilitated. Saturn in Libra is considered exalted, retrograde now, and thus debilitated. He is also giving direct drishti to his sign of debilitation, Aries. The results of this will vary individually, but the overall effect will be a slowing down of systems, structure and a greater request from Saturn to focus on, well, all things Saturn. Saturn loves routine, gives prosperity with time and consistency, wants meditation, physical movement and hard work. He rules the physical structures of life (time quite literally) and within the body this means bones and muscle tissue.

Until Saturn goes direct on July 20th, we may notice increased physical fatigue, depression, heightened worry, a need to focus on our physical body more directly—either through awareness or force. We will also be “re-structuring” areas of our life that involve relationships, creativity, nourishment, receptivity, vulnerability, business and commerce, contracts and obligations, boundaries and balance. Leave it to retrograde Saturn to help us re-purpose and resolve what is not working in our best interest.

Remember that if there is excess pressure from his means and ways, it is likely a place we need to look for a resolution.

Ask: What is working? What is not? What do I need? What needs to shift right now for greater harmony and balance? Where am I pushing too hard? What am I resisting and where am I not letting life flow?

If you are curious about his movements through Libra, you can read my articles on his transits here:

Part 1: Rahu and Saturn in Libra
Part 2: Saturn Retrograde + the Influence of the Nakshatras

“Another word for creativity is courage.” ~ George Prince

For increased awareness, utilize my jyotish inspired Body-centered Expressive Art Therapy articles. Each week I post a new Creative Engagement Activity to help inspire your own unique creative process, Self-tracking, and to enrich your cultivation of presence. This week we will revisit an activity that has to do with “stopping and starting”.

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*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your “Western Sign” as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Aries: Your week starts with heat and intensity; a general theme for you right now. Too many irons in the fire? Pushing too hard? Being unrealistic about how much you can accomplish? Setting expectations too high? All of the above? What can you take off your plate? This is a time to re-evaluate relationships- to others and to Self. Make changes.

Get smart about your plumbing. Internal systems need a good scouring, purging and reconstruction. Old goop in the lines is clogging up your inner messaging system. Right now is a good time to cleanse (gently and in tune with Saturn), to pacify and nourish your physical body and outsmart some old, bad habits. Clean up, clean out.

Gemini: Creative calamity can be fuel for creative endeavors. As the storms brew and test your intellectual strength and resolve, remember that balance is the number one priority right now. Build your empire with small, calculated actions. Make connections that fuel your creativity and bring inspiration. What do you need to thrive? What does thriving look like to you? Feel like? Pull from your depths.

Cancer: The week brings some shifts to career. Insights? Or upheavals? Re-evaluate and re-visit what nourishes you. What brings support? Grounding? Stability? Structure? What makes you feel emotionally safe? What is not working right now? Use the weekend for inner work and create time for meditation.

Leo: Outsmart your Self by putting in place some clear, healthy boundaries. You may find opponents lose their power over you suddenly. Voila! Your ability and courage to take charge of your actions and experiences has a direct impact on you and your well being. Get rid of what is not working by getting clear on what doesn’t work for you.

Virgo: Let your voice be heard. Practice by talking to your Self. Sing in the shower, make mental notes aloud, have conversations with your body parts. Get used to hearing your Self express and converse loud and proud. This is practice for cultivating a deeper relationship with your needs. Think big and let your imagination take you there. The shrinking violet days are over.

Libra: Attention: Chaos and reconstruction taking place. Wrap your Self in caution tape and lay low if possible this week. Boundaries or boundless? Quiet or restfully alert? Heart throb or heart ache? Traverse your mind like a Jedi. Sift and sort while standing in one place. Find grounding through legs and feet. Practice standing on one leg. Less is more.

Scorpio: Cutting losses and letting go begin with your energetic attachments. As you tally the endings in your life and all that is falling away, ground into the trust that a new structure and support system is on the other side. By cutting and releasing what needs to change, what isn’t serving you, opportunity arises. Let there be space for your own greatness; greater health and wholeness that inspires magic. How much space are you allowing to open up?

As Jupiter begins forward momentum, you re-visit some emotional wounds and physical needs. The transits are helping you clear and clean up your depths; what is nourishing and what is not. How are you nourishing your Self? What are you ingesting? Who and what are you allowing in to nourish you? Be very direct and calculated with your needs. Keep a clean diet and clean company. Watch your mouth and speak the sweet truth.

Moving and shaking. Shaking off dust and mental debris. Digesting old pieces, past, memories. It’s ok to rest in softness, in the mild, in the gentle. Yet, career is pushing forward, forcing you to re-visit the body, your finances, and the keys to your self-reliance and self-support. Keep walking in circles. You never know what might turn up.

Aquarius: Deja vu? You should be revisiting some old tendencies, memories, relationships right now. This is happening on an internal level as well as literally. What are these inner and outer landscapes telling you? How do these remote locales inform your life process and the journey of relating? Releasing? Remembering? Look through the cracks in your facade and let the light seep in.

Retreat mode continues. Whether you are living in an ashram or just pretending, the metamorphosis continues to work its magic on you. A lot of emphasis is put on the emerging butterfly and how magnificent that is. That may be, but right now you are still in the chaos of the change. The discomfort of transformation and endings. Late in the week your mental/emotional body begins to move forward. Soak in the feelings of nourishment and support at every turn. Seek stability and grounding.


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