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March 8, 2014

New Music Alert. “When something makes you cry, & that’s a good thing.”

David Letterman – Future Islands: “Seasons (Waiting On You)”

I’ll take alla that you got! ~ Dave Letterman

Dave effing loved that. That guy is not asking anyone for permission to be exactly himself. His dancing.

This is a song that is triumphant, joyful, real, guttural, strange, heartbroken, earnest…and so personal, so new, so unique, it reminds us to be ourselves, too. What if we just stood tall and breathed and relaxed into our heartbreak?

A friend shared this with, “That video gave me goosebumps and made me cry.” She’s a friend I’ve loved for years, and I love to dance with her, and I love to love her and be friends with her and she’s so talented, and so strong, yet so lost, and vulnerable sometimes, too. She is most of all herself, always: fiercely, joyfully out of the box.

People change, some people never do. This video is the best thing. Watch it, dance along in your dining room, watch it again and again 15 times in a few days. Watch it, don’t just listen:

It’s amazing. I’ve been listening to their songs for an hour now while working.

This is the best thing that’s happened to me in a week.

“…I stumbled across this video entirely by chance, and 24 hours later had watched it 12 times.

If you haven’t heard of Future Islands, they are a synth-pop band from Baltimore fronted by the silky-hipped and husky-voiced Samuel T. Herring.

Described by friends I have passed this on to as both ‘the voice of a soul singer coming out of the mouth of an accountant’ and ‘like a repressed P.E. teacher finally allowed to direct the school play’, Herring has passion and charisma in abundance….” …read the rest, here.

Another I love, now:

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