March 28, 2014

Symptoms of Spring.

Photo: Chris Christie

Tiny flowers are popping up on the cacti in the desert where I live, as Boreas, the cold North Wind, reluctantly releases his winter grip.

In other parts of the globe, snow continues to fall, hindering an emerging spring. The relinquishing of his icy breath of inward stillness and contemplation to the sunny warm energy of the winds of spring has been an underlying theme in Indigenous Fairy Tales since time immemorial.

In every tale it is always a brave young soul who ventures forth to confront the vicious north wind. In the end, the icy- hearted rival of the North always succumbs to the hero, allowing the warmth of summer to return once again.

Within each of us dwells a similar brave energy that is willing to face the icy depths of our own shadows. For many people the first breath of spring is a wake up call that beckons their inner light emerge from within and shine forth.

The first years that I lived in the desert, I was able to manipulate this inward momentum of energy brought forth by Boreas the North Wind. However, over time my rhythm was reset, and despite the stark evidence of icy cold snow, each winter cycle always ended with an inward journey.

Perhaps it was this awareness of my internal cycle that created the foundation for my “Awakening Compass” and WindWork™ and allowed it to develop. Once we are able to grasp the coordinates on our life path we can create a map, which allows us to navigate any wind, including the hardy Boreas.

In Fairy Tales it usually is a Stranger who comes to the rescue of the starving people. It is the unfamiliar hero living inside whom suddenly appears to save the village from starvation and protect its inhabitants from the harsh energy of the prevailing winter wind.

In the Northern Hemisphere we are approaching the Cardinal Coordinate of Spring, and Eurus, the East Wind is beginning to stir.

Look at the symptoms below and notice how they are affecting your life. 

Memories are Alive. The dormant seeds of the winter are beginning to sprout and are reaching for the light. Often in the Spring I find myself dreaming of people and places from the past. This is a release of old energy allowing for new growth.

Choices become Clear. For years I have made resolutions on New Years Eve. Resolutions grow best during spring. As Eurus begins to stir your divine imagination, you feel empowered and can decide what projects, people and events you wish to take forward from last years harvest.

New Beginnings. Often Eurus arrives as gust of strong energy, clearing away debris from the past. In order for new growth to emerge from the earth, the dead leaves from the previous year need to be removed. Releasing the old always makes room for the new.

Beliefs. In the Vedic traditions the mind rules the East. Past, Present and Future Memories. As Eurus begins to blows, our ideas and beliefs may get deconstructed. This unsettling March Wind can lead to distraction; but stay firm and diligent, as a fertilization of new ideas is necessary to ensure a vibrant summer bloom.

Meet Eurus, the East Wind of Spring in this Free audio class and meditation. It will help you prepare yourself for fresh ideas and growth for the season ahead.

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Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: courtesy Renée Baribeau

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