March 15, 2014

The Cleaning Team: Cat, Dog, Duck & Roomba—in Shark Costumes. {Video}

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Yes, it has been a long, cold winter.

Many of us are suffering from cabin fever—and cable TV’s Shark Week (or a trip to a real, warm beach—like the kind where sharks live) is still a ways off!

Enter this fabulous cleaning team of cat, dog, duck and Roomba—in shark costumes!

Seriously, do they have a listing in the Yellow Pages? Because these little ones are going to be booked solid for the next few months!

This video, posted by HelensPets to YouTube, is guaranteed to get you laughing—or, at the very least, pondering the existential silliness that is life. Sometimes we’re all just going in circles, like a cat on a Roomba, charging forward bravely, like the duckling or staring on sagely, trying to make sense of it all, like the dog.

Any animal lover out there can attest to the fact that our furry friends really brighten our days, especially when life gets a little heavy. They keep us on the up and up. They remind us that even the most mundane tasks, like buffing the floors to a state of quartz-like perfection, can be magical if undertaken with humor, intention and the company of good friends!

I don’t know if I could repeat this at home. If I dressed my own cat up like a shark, I do reckon she would eat the costume—unless, of course, she were first bribed with some tasty tuna or salmon!

I like to keep this video on hand whenever I need a laugh! I hope you enjoy it!


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