March 22, 2014

Top 10 Stand-up Comedy Clips on God.


Some of the best comedy happening today is co-workers mocking their boss.

In that spirit, this Top Ten list highlights standup comedy aimed at God, and at our ludicrous attempts to understand God.

Part of being mindful is examining the mindlessness around you.

If God is infinite and omnipotent, I’m assuming she is also incapable of being offended. Right?

Jim Gaffigan

“I want everyone to feel comfortable, that’s why I’d like to talk to you about Jesus.”

Pretty funny clip. Gaffigan keeps the laughs coming with his tonality, voice and sharp writing mixed with personal experience in this eight minute clip.

“The Pearly Gates. Heaven has gates? What kind of neighborhood is heaven in?”


Dylan Moran

A three-minute critique on religions. Awesome perspective on how geography impacts your odds of salvation, and a sweet conclusion involving politicians.

Bonus: Includes a lovely shot at Zen.



Sarah Silverman

From “Jesus is Magic.” Sarah’s style is in fine form in this clip. She nails it as usual.



Louis C.K.

Louis C.K. is one of the top comics alive working with this topic. Here he riffs on Christians,  environmentalists and God returning to earth.



Because his body of work on the topic is massive, I’m giving LCK is a twoofer. This is a fairly thorough mocking, complete with animation. It looks into the mindset of Abraham, back in the day. This is the source bit for his “God is like a shitty girlfriend” line.



Chris Rock

A sweet side road on where the real worship is happening.



Jim Jeffries

“God shows up at a party.” What a fantastic perspective on how it would be to hang out with the God found in many religions, and the emphatic anger which seems to be the contemporary God’s main attribute. The final note is worth the five minutes.

“I’m so happy to have him in my life.”



If you like Jeffries’ take on the topic, I also recommend:



Ahmed Bharoocha

This one is a great look at explaining history from the view point that God simply had children too young. His flooding the Earth temper tantrum thing is clever, and the favorite son piece is nice.

“I’m God’s real son. The rest of you are adopted.”



Daniel Tosh

Beautiful little clip on the Adam and Eve story.



George Carlin

His definition of the age of reason is clever, but really, this is pure gold. The War of the Hats angle is astute as hell.

“Try to figure this shit out.”



Bill Hicks

Hicks had such an amazing delivery, and a keen mind. This clip is short and jabby, and pretty much wraps up the whole devil thing in one irrefutable sentence.



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Photo: George Carlin

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