March 29, 2014

Unfreezing the Sacred Feminine. ~ Lisa Citore

Holly Stokes

The movie Frozen has been an unexpected phenomenon.

It has won two Oscars, breaking the billion dollar mark at the box office and making Jennifer Lee the first female director ever to see nine zeros in profits.

For those who haven’t seen Frozen, one of the main characters is a young woman who comes into the world knowing her power to create snow and ice. When she accidentally hurts her sister by using her power, she feels afraid of it and learns to keep it to herself, causing her to feel ashamed of her power.

The popularity of the film is evidence that feminine power, which is has been kept frozen in the heart, is thawing.  Incidentally it is not a man’s love that heals the woman’s frozen heart in the end, but the love of her younger sister she once accidentally wounded.

The film points to the creative and destructive aspects of feminine power as well as to forgiveness’s part in its re-awakening.

My only qualm with the story, like all other Disney movies, is the absence of its lower chakra substance. A woman’s creative center located is located in her pelvis, where she conceives life and manifests spirit into form. Women’s re-connection to and forgiveness of our sexuality is key to the resurrection of our power. This is not only true for women, but also for men, who are awakening their feminine creative aspects and power as well.

Shame is guilt that has been crystallized.

The Buddhist’s definition of guilt is double-mindedness, or self doubt.  I believe that the unconscious guilt and fear we hold in our sex organs run deeper than religious demonizing of sex, desire and pleasure. It is rooted in our very humanity and original choice to incarnate. We could even go back further to the conception of the physical world, which we hold apart in consciousness from the nonphysical world.

Even those of us who know better still hold the separation in our cellular memory. We unconsciously believe that we destroyed one realm (by denying it within our consciousness) to create another. Both our memory of wholeness and our first memory of separation or incarnation lies deep within the subconscious. And specifically within the feminine subconscious and sex organs, in that it is through our female bodies that life is birthed and ordained.

Though this guilt is unconscious, we pass it back and forth in our intimate relationships through projection.

Our lovers betray us. We betray them. We betray ourselves. The same goes for fear.

We are afraid of abandonment. We are afraid of commitment or merging (with another or on a deeper level with God or our greater Self.). No one triggers our fear wounds and betrayal wounds (which are spawns of our projected guilt wound) more than the people we have sex with.

Sex is the ultimate alchemical playground, where we can do our deepest healing work with one another.

In fact, when it comes to awareness of all the subconscious survival shit that has been stuck in the root chakra lifetime after lifetime since the beginning of our existence, sex and/or yogic practices like Tantra that work with sexual energy are our only real access.

Which is why my bible is in a drawer and my vibrator is on the altar.


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Read 4 comments and reply

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