March 10, 2014

When Fairy Tales Imitate Life. ~ Edith Lazenby [Poem]

Once upon a time

When Once Upon Time is Not Enough

The kitty is heaving again.

A marriage continues to end.

The moon is not in sight.

I think of daffodils in spring

And how change leads.

I cried some tonight.

I watered the bamboo.

My bank account is low.

Opportunity keeps knocking.

I have a date this week.

I feel flat as a day old coke.

I want butterflies and starlight.

Instead I ponder meaning

In the quiet of keystrokes

That lulls sadness out my fingers

That long to hold more than words.

I am getting good at letting go.

I am getting good at moving on.

Hurt comes from many sources:

Mom is dying, a boss disrespects me,

That marriage that won’t quite end,

Friends who don’t have time to be friends,

And my kitty might be sick again

And I cannot pay for her care.

Ah well. Life always goes on.

I brush myself off.

I dry my tears.

Someone said I am not alone.

But then she must not know me

As well as she thinks she does.

An old beau called. Go figure.

We all want something.

I am seeking peace in the calm

Of what whirls around me

For my heart beat soothes

And nothing heals like a little

Forgiveness and boatloads of hope.

So let me plant my hope on the page

And find one thing I can end.

Punctuation is overrated…periods

Only make room for once upon a time:

And somewhere someone always lives,

Happily ever after.

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Editor: Bryonie Wise

Photos: flickr Creative Commons


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