April 10, 2014

5 Tips for World Domination. ~ Amanda Fleming Taylor


Once, I was challenged by a friend to write down my “Five Things” Manifesto.

The five words, ideals, tools, best pieces of advice, things I knew for sure, that I wanted the rest of my life to align around.

I had completely forgotten about it and just stumbled upon it this morning while tidying my office. I am tacking it up over my desk so I do not forget again.

1. Integrity.

Have integrity in dealings with myself and others. Speak the truth, even when it’s hard and especially to myself.

Realize that what I do in private really does matter.

Live an authentic life sourced from passion instead of obligation.

2. Brave.

Learn to distinguish between the fear that protects me (don’t walk in front of a car) and the fear that prevents change.

The feeling in the pit of my gut, the resistance that tells me I’m not good enough is what I should lean into and conquer.

Be brave—it only takes winning this battle a few times to understand this test is mandatory and passable. 

3. Acknowledge.

Acknowledge what is  with gratitude—understand and see the actual reality of my life as clearly as possible—and welcome it.

Yet, at the same time, superimpose a clear vision of what I would prefer my life to look like over my current circumstances.

Understand the future is created from the present moment. 

 4. Yoga.

Remember to come back to my body, even if my mind says I don’t have the time.

I am a  spiritual being having a physical experience.

Don’t neglect self care for something more “important,” because when body, mind and spirit aren’t in alignment, nothing else in life will be either. 

 5. Surrender.

Work for what I want as hard as I can—kick ass and take names.

Try and bend the Universe to my will.

Then let go and have faith…if it doesn’t happen at that point, it was not meant to be.

Trust that there is a path and that we are being lovingly guided. 

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Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo: Elephant Journal Archives

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