April 11, 2014

Enough To Believe In. {Poem} ~ Cami Krueger

Brother and Sister

It was just us two

On that hot summer day

Our necks and shoulders pink,

Absorbing the weight of the sun.


The cold flecks of water

Tapping against our skin,

As gleefully we darted

Through gushing sprinklers

That dotted our backyard.


Your hair, pointed and dripping

Pregnant beads of water

Down your sun-kissed cheeks.

I remember the magic

In your eyes, my brother,

And your popsicle-sticky grin,

When you told me we could fly

With enough belief in our hearts.


And so, standing on a fence post

With outstretched arms,

My face to the sky

I closed my eyes,

Leaned into the wind


Jumped heavenward.

You were always enough for me to believe in.


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Editor: Jenna Penielle Lyons

Photos: Pixoto user Dian Edhy

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