April 6, 2014

Graham Crackers are Now on the Shopping List. ~ Alicia Wozniak


I can’t tell you the last time I ate a graham cracker.

Perhaps it was at lunch on Fridays when I visit my daughter at school. I know we haven’t had any in the house in years.

Recently, Honey Maid ran a “This is Wholesome” commercial. It got my attention.

This commercial shows families enjoying each other, caring for each other: gay families, straight families, interracial families, single parent families.

Family; they showed us family.

It warmed my heart and I thought, “Way to go, Honey Maid!” I mean it’s company that makes graham crackers. Who thinks about graham crackers unless we’re making s’mores, right?

I didn’t think anything more of the commercial after that because to me, that’s family.

That’s normal. Those scenarios are wholesome. People love each other and make families. Boom.

I’m a single mom. I chose to leave my marriage. Things change.

My ex, I call him my Wusband, and I have a solid relationship in place to raise our daughter in a loving family still. He’s engaged to be married so our Weez’s family is about to grow. I imagine I’ll get married again and thus add more folks to her family. This is her family—she is loved.

This morning I saw a follow commercial to the first “This is Wholesome” ad.

How silly of me to think there wouldn’t be backlash.

Check out Honey Maid’s response.

I’ll be picking up some graham crackers at the store soon.

Thank you, Honey Maid.

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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: screenshot from video

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Read 1 comment and reply

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