April 10, 2014

Introductions. ~ Edith Lazenby {Poem}


I may be too much.

My heart is full of bubbles.

My body wakens.

I risk what I know

To find how I am.

I feel your kindness

On the back of my legs.

I imagine the kisses.

Trust plants all

My questions to

Lead me to what may grow.

I embrace the unknown.

I take love in one hand

And desire in the other

While my heart balances

The scales in a place

Where need is raw.

I fold dreams into my pillow

Thinking I have yet

To tell you what you don’t know.

I am ready for the ride.

I like things slow, gentle, easy,

Opened like a flower

That has forever been closed.

My life has been a shore

Without waves and now you come

And pull me like the moon.

So it goes. I hope you don’t scare easy.

I hope you know what I offer

Here is more a question.

I have no answers.

As I say, I love to live

And live to love.

So even if it’s but a moment

It’s been nice to know you,

From what little I do know.


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Editor:  Renée Picard

Image: elephant Archvies

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