April 16, 2014

My Friend Pain. ~ Rebecca Doerfer {Poem}


I ride it

I billow it
I shape it
I surf it
I crush it
I mold it
I sleep with
and nurse it.I press it
I question it
I hug it
I kiss it
I throw it
I know it
I wrestle with
and choke it.We get up together 
An old friend and a new
One on each arm,
Why I walk like I do.
I can’t fathom the sum
Of the pain in this world
Let alone just one lonely
And strange little girl.When I see her, I greet her
Tell her not to be shy

I hold her, I know her

Tell her it’s OK to cry.Mr. P is a friend I know
Faithful and dear.It took me 10 years to invite him for tea.
If you sit long enough
Deep inside him you’ll see
That he harbors the truth

And the truth sets you free.


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Apprentice Editor: Kristin Monk / Editor: Renée Picard

Photos: McAdie/Pixoto, Brooksbank/Pixoto

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