April 17, 2014

Neuroscience, Family Karma & Meditation {Video/Guided Practice}

Family Karma

The human nervous system is designed to learn.

We’re designed to learn, grow, and unfold through experience. In particular, we learn through experiences, encounters and interactions with other people—with other brains/nervous systems.

Your earliest learnings were shaped through interactions with the brains/minds of your family, your caregivers.

These learnings evoked specific potentials that were dormant within you at the time of birth. In the language of the wisdom traditions, the conditions of your early environment triggered karmic patterns within your soul.
What’s the connection between neuroscience and karma?

The scientists and the sages agree on two key points:

• We are conditioned.
• We can learn, grow and transform.

There was a tremendous response to my recent elephant post on Healing Family Karma. And readers wanted to go deeper, to explore more fully and to learn more about “how to” heal.

This talk looks more deeply into integration of neuroscience and the wisdom traditions with particular focus on how meditative practice can transform early conditioning.


Neuroscience, Family Karma, Meditation from Wisdom Heart on Vimeo.


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Read 1 comment and reply

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