April 21, 2014

Obsessive Love or Passionate Romance?


Since the Fifth House also rules love affairs, it can signify the beginning of an intense romantic relationship between you and another person that will be based upon strong emotional feelings as well as deep sexual passions.

Think of any true love story and you’ll capture the intensity of Pluto’s transit here. Romantic relationships that occur at this time may seem profound and even fated. You may feel all consumed or obsessed in ways you haven’t been in your previous love affairs. There is something about the other person that attracts you like an insect to a spider’s web (and sometime just as dangerously).

If you’re already dating someone, or in a well-established love relationship, you’ll find Pluto’s transit here, making your romance even more intense. One client casually dated a man for a few months. Then, several months later, she found herself deeply captivated by him, wanting to spend every day in his company. Their relationship changed or “transformed” into a far more serious one that led to a more committed partnership.

However, Pluto in the Fifth House can be bad news for you if you’re in a troubled or unhealthy romance. This is because Pluto’s influence has the capacity to bring upheaval, destroying your relationship and causing it to end. But if a relationship is really meant to be, even if it has been interrupted, Pluto’s energies can resurrect it to life, as this couple found out.

Barry and Laura grew up as teenage sweethearts dating until their sophomore year of high school. Barry never tired of looking at Laura’s beautiful long red hair. She melted whenever she saw him flashing his big smile. It all suddenly ended when Laura’s father received a promotion and moved the family to the West Coast. Barry and Laura were devastated at the news, and while they vowed to never forget each other, inevitably they lost touch.

Once college was over, Laura accepted her first job in Chicago where she lived, enjoying the singles life. Barry accepted a job as sale rep job in Milwaukee. He was so successful that he was going to be honored this year at the company’s annual awards banquet in Chicago.

Barry arrived in the Windy City late on a Thursday night, and met a bunch of the other sales reps for a drink at a club on Rush Street. Barry was raising his glass for a toast when, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a woman with a pretty face and long red hair looking in his direction. She looked like she had seen a ghost. Barry was sure he was looking at one, too. His eyes must be playing tricks on him as he looked again. He thought, No…it couldn’t be. It looks like Laura! The redhead’s eyes locked on his once again. He could see tears streaming down her cheeks.

For a moment Barry couldn’t speak and was stunned at what he was seeing. It was Laura. They couldn’t believe how fate had drawn them together after so many years. After hugging and kissing each other, they finally sat down and spoke non-stop for the next two hours about their lives. The spark and the chemistry were obviously still there. All they knew for sure was they had to see each other again.

Obsessive Love

But there is a darker side to what you may experience when Pluto transits your Fifth House. You may find yourself romantically obsessed with someone who’s not a good person to be in a relationship.

The sign of this occurring is when you notice yourself having an irrational urge to be with this person even though you know they’re not right for you. You can’t explain why, but like a moth to a flame, you’re drawn to them. All you know is that your feelings are so intense you want to possess the person. The opposite is possible as well, where someone who’s not right for you, nevertheless, is obsessed with wanting a relationship with you.

This unhealthy obsession played out with a client, Douglas. He came for a consultation and said, “I finally got rid of an ex-girlfriend who has been hounding me. When I first started dating her, she gave me a copy of her astrology chart. I’d love to understand why she behaved as she did.” He then proceeded to tell me the story of his relationship with her.

Douglas dated this woman for over a year, thinking that the relationship was getting serious. One night he proposed and his long time girlfriend politely said no. When he asked why, she explained that it was about money: she was wealthy and he wasn’t. She told him it was fine to have a dating romance, but she had no intention of marrying a man who made so little money that one day, she feared, she’d have to support. Douglas felt deeply hurt to hear her words, but her response made him realize she was the wrong person for him to ever consider marrying. He quickly ended their relationship.

Four months later, he met the sweetest, most down-to-earth woman he had ever known. They were both crazy about each other from the start, sharing many of the same values, and both wanting to find a permanent relationship. His ex-girlfriend heard through a mutual friend that Douglas was now in a new relationship. She immediately contacted him, wanting to resume their relationship even suggesting she’d now consider marrying him. He said no and wished her well.

A few months later, when she heard that Douglas was getting married, she started calling him, leaving messages, pleading again for him to come back. In her last message she offered him one million dollars to return to their relationship.

After reviewing his ex-girlfriend’s birth chart and her transits, I explained to Douglas that she was a very calculating and controlling person, only wanting a relationship with him on her terms. It was also clear she was highly manipulative, with her birth chart indicating she was especially possessive when it came to her money. Interestingly, her obsessive nature was magnified during the time they dated, because she also had Pluto transiting her Fifth House.

When Pluto transits this House, you’re like to have intense and powerful experiences in your love life. You’ll be attracted to deep, profound transformational romantic relationships that will change your life forever. Enjoy the intensity.

If you want to know where your personal transits are—and to find out if you have any in the 5th House—that are affecting now, go to the Free Transit Calculator and enter your birth date. You may find out that Pluto, or other personal transits are bringing transformation to your life, right now.

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Editor: Jenna Penielle Lyons

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