April 18, 2014

The Unspoken Communication We All Know. ~ Jodie Berman

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Whoever said love was not enough never truly understood the magic of love—love is everything!

Love is the unspoken communication that we all commune with and without it we are empty and without purpose. Living a heart centered life is the only way to live with bliss and be who you were meant to be on this planet.

Here are some ways in which you should be following your heart:

1. When we decide to love ourselves exactly as we are everything falls into place.

Our limiting beliefs hold all the negative junk in place in our body, mind and heart.Once we release it and decide to start the well deserved love affair with ourselves everything else is real and possible.

We all have a history that sometimes impedes us from moving forward. Put down the arsenal of sabotage that was created from childhood, your teenage years or that is ongoing. Love yourself now as you are.

Now is all we have, make the most of it!

2. In choosing a romantic partner, choose based upon what your heart wants not what guides you in regard to their job, location, pedigree, or physical looks.

Your heart recognizes what is right even before your soul does. Feel that instant recognition rather than analyzing your way through a partnership.

In my twenties, I was drawn to men for all the wrong assets. I thought power and money would give me freedom.

Freedom bestows itself upon us when we are loved and love others.

3. In your career—if it feels like work and a struggle it is not for you.

Many of us pick a job based on money, ease, or out of lack. When we figure out our true calling, the work we choose is aligned with our higher self and it is pure love.

Once upon a time I used to watch the clock, beg for Friday night and cringe Sunday evenings. All days are created equal to me now that I stand in my bliss!

4. Where you live should be a reflection of what you love.

That is including the location and how your home feels to you. When you walk in your residence do you feel comforted, loved and joy? Is the state or country that you are in reflect your values and allow you to feel loved up in it?

When I walk in my modest dwelling, all I feel is instant comfort. If you don’t feel that in yours how can you make that a reality?

5. The people you surround yourself with should empower you to be your best self, allowing for love to flow equally to both of you.

Life is about giving and receiving. Allow the flow to happen.

I am utterly grateful for those in my life that fell away and those that stayed the duration as they reflect my inner self, including the best and worst of me.

Birds truly do flock together. Find your birds.

Be free and allow your heart to illuminate your path, with arms spread wide open, screaming into the abyss knowing and ready for your version of greatness to happen.

The key to bliss is through love—everything else is fluff that confuses our ego and distracts us from our higher self.

Be love, give love and receive love!

Love elephant and want to go steady?

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