April 22, 2014

What is the Meaning of Life?


Life is about growth. 

This includes the growth of the:

Atom: All elements were created by fusion of the two fundamental elements, hydrogen and helium.

Molecule: Chemical reactions change molecules and when this happens, new molecules and new compounds are formed.

Cell: A cell responds to its environmental stimuli and grows accordingly. It is the first stage of biological consciousness.

Organ: The heart is the first organ to become fully functional as a fetus. It has 40,000 neurons or nerve cells, the second brain (i.e. the digestive system) has 100 million neurons, and the big brain has 100 billion neurons. These organs are all rewiring and therefore growing in every new moment and all combine to give us our conscious awareness.

Body: Even though our bodies stop growing in size, they never stop regenerating and changing their functioning. Our bodies are made of our atoms, molecules, cells and organs too, as described above. Therefore, our body continues to change and grow until it can’t any further.

Body Tree

Psychology: What is our mental state right now? Has that grown since birth? Of course it has. Well, let’s hope so anyway. See “We All Meditate Whether We Know It or Not“.

Emotion: The same applies to emotion. Hopefully we are evolving our capacity to be emotionally resilient, strong and content in nature. This is expanded in “Have We Achieved Real Success“.

Sex: Are we growing in our capacity to make love and lust? See my article “8 Sex Jewels.”

Love: Our love grows for ourselves and our loved ones every day. Just make sure it’s not misplaced – for more see “We Can’t Fall in Love Alone.”


Philosophy: As philosophical adventurers, our philosophies on life have continually grown all of our lives and will continue to do so, even if it is more just refinement than complete revolution in our wiser stages of understanding. Please see the cheeky adult article “10 Spotlights on Enlightenment“.

FamilyDon’t want kids? That’s cool, totally a personal choice. Nevertheless, our families continue to grow, even if it isn’t us that is planting or sowing the seeds.

Community: Some may say that community is dying. In some sense they are right, especially in our urban jungles. Yet our communities do continue to grow in size and even if our sense of community and community spirit are diminishing in some ways, let’s not forget in regional areas communities continue to flourish. Good on em’.

Culture: A global culture is being born and we all part of its citizenry. In this culture – racism, bigotry and prejudice is not condoned. Enlightened Society is the goal. In this culture we are all connected, we all the same, we are all earth’s sexy-ass creatures.

praying water

Creativity: Our individual and collective ideas and practices are impressively growing. The world, no, the universe, is our oyster.

Adventure: What haven’t we yet conquered? Wait, said more eloquently, what haven’t we yet explored? The oceans, the universe and the dimensions of consciousness are the current targets. Don’t worry, give us time.

Animal Kingdom: Yes some species are dying, we should sort that out ASAP. In any case, we’re still evolving.

Earth: The earth has a pulse and we resonate with that pulse. That pulse changes in vibration, just like all living things do. Therefore the earth is alive. And it’s growing.

Solar system: All planets in our solar system have their own pulse, like earth. Combined, they have their collective vibration. As that changes, they grow.

space nebula

Galaxy: As above, like our solar system, our galaxy as well as all galaxies have their own vibration. When it changes, it grows.

Universe: We’re here. Yet we weren’t before. Nice growing Universe.

Consciousness (i.e. God)Our individual awareness is changing and growing. So is consciousness itself. See my related paper The Orchestra of Reality.

A meaning of life is that on every level we are constantly growing; therefore, if we consciously embrace this then the natural consequence is the amplification and depth of our development.

“Two basic rules of life: 1. Change is Inevitable 2. Everyone Resists Change. Remember this: When you are through changing… you’re through.” ~ Unknown


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