May 18, 2014

Here’s to Walking Barefoot.

rachel brathen set soul free

Here’s to walking barefoot.

To make-up free days.

To saying I Love You.

Here’s to flower headbands,

to messy hair,
to taking deep breaths,
to salty lips,
to freckles,
to sandy feet,
to breaking all the rules,
to hot tea on chilly mornings,
to sunsets,
to holding hands,
to swimming naked,
to good books,
to friends that tell you the truth no matter what.

Here’s to puppies,

to freshly picked strawberries,
to the full moon,
to going on vacation,
to being home.

Here’s to yoga,

to long hugs,
to too much jewelry,
to laughing until your face hurts.

Here’s to silence, to first kisses, to last kisses, to all kisses.

Here’s to life and death and the moments in between that makes it all worthwhile.


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Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: courtesy Rachel Brathen


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Read 2 comments and reply

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