May 22, 2014

Looking Towards the Sun Through the Rain. ~ Margit Magi

courtesy of Margit Magi (author)

Let me tell you something so significantly small yet so amazingly complex.

A piece of knowledge, you would probably never wonder about, but after reading you will be struck by the fascinating beauty of nature’s spectacles.

Originally it’s rooted from a place where fairies and leprechauns hide gold pots.

There is probably not always an explanation needed to why there is a rainbow in the sky—but after reading a book about rainbows I found it so mesmerizingly awesome, that it gave me double the happiness in the whole “seeing the rainbow experience.”

I am more fascinated by this magic of nature after discovering the following.

When you are lucky enough, the colors that are generated by the falling drops of rain, which have light reflecting each color of the spectrum through a different bent angle.

Only a small spectrum will ever hit your eye.

Every drop of rain will give you the colorful experience for less than you can encounter, until a new drop of rain will replace it without your conscious knowledge of it.

So, you are just seeing the complete range of colors through the reflecting of light through the spectrum hitting your eyes, but the outcome is fascinating—for all of us. When we see a rainbow we are the only one seeing that exact rainbow.

As many pair of eyes that are looking through the storm, there are that many rainbows reflecting their color pallet.

It can be significantly logical to understand a rainbow and it is easy to awe at its wonderfulness. I find it so much more unique after understanding this simple yet so complex work of nature. It is one of many wonders of our universe, we encounter daily—but don’t appreciate enough.

So next time you see a rainbow in the sky, know that you are the only one seeing the exact rainbow. This multi-universe allows you to be greedy and have it all to yourself.

(Inspired by R. Dawknins “Unweaving the Rainbow”)


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