May 23, 2014

Naked, Beneath the Dim Light of the Glowing Moon.

moon woman

She felt suffocated indoors, amid the hot, heavy air

Naked, and holding a tall-stemmed glass of Cabernet in one hand,

She pushed open the French doors and stepped outside.

The cool air kissed her warm skin and she felt like she could breathe again.

She ambled further out into the yard, gazing up at the nearly full moon.

The milky, white glow of the moon felt welcoming, like an old friend.

A few scattered stars twinkled in the sky

As she stood smiling gently in the stillness of the late evening air

She wiggled her toes over the soft, cool grass beneath her bare feet

Sipping her dry wine under the moon’s luminescent glow.

She stood basking, letting the light of the moon soak into her exposed skin.

She heard soft steps approaching,

But could not tear her eyes away from the round, fullness looming in the sky above.

He stood behind her, first placing hands on her hips, then slipping arms around her waist.

She leaned back against him, feeling the warmth of his chest against her back.

His hands moved over her soft belly before sliding up, cupping her bare breasts.

She leaned into him, letting his hands caress her as she reveled in the moon’s glow.

She tilted her head as he gently began kissing her neck,

His hands moving all over her naked body.

She reached her right arm back, lacing her fingers through his hair

As he continued to touch her everywhere.

With her left hand, she raised the wine glass to her lips

Taking another sip, as the moonlight, his hands and his lips touched every inch of her.

Then she turned, feeling the moon’s glow against her back,

They stood barefoot in the grass, pulling each other close.

Skin to skin, mouth to mouth,

Warm bodies pressing against each other in the cool, night air

Naked, beneath the dim light of the glowing moon.


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Editor: Travis May

Photo: Pixoto

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