May 17, 2014

Sun Gazing: The Free Feel Good Medicine Worth Indulging In. ~ Orshi Hajnali


Light has played a tremendous importance in our history as humans, especially the sun, which is our best known natural light source.

Sun gazing is free, healing, grounding and makes us feel great immediately.

Our light sources back in the day used to be: sun, fire, lighting and stars.

In today’s world we have computer screens, artificial light bulbs, tv’s and phones.

When we look into a light source, the photonic energy rides the optical nerve to the hypothalamus and to the pineal gland. Our pineal gland is an organ that has photo receptors; ancients called it the third eye—When we look directly into light sources we feed the pineal gland. So when we look into natural light sources like starts (Sun is a star) then we feed our brain with positive energy and information. It regulates serotonin and melatonin levels which is very beneficial for us and in effect makes us feel great!

However, when it comes to artificial light this information is manipulated and doesn’t have the same effect although we are just as attracted to this type of light. Instead of coming together around a fire like we used to and staring into the fire, it has been replaced by fireplaces in homes as a place of gathering and then replaced by television which led to what we have now, our individual light sources—aka computer screens and our smart phones.

When we feel stressed, anxious and out of balance, sun gazing has a grounding effect. I highly recommend it before big decisions and at any time you’d like to feel more grounded and connected with nature and your true self. We can build up sun gazing by starting at 10 seconds, standing bare-footed in sand or dirt, then increasing this interval by 10 seconds every time.

About an hour before sunset and after sunrise when the UV level is low or zero (check UV levels before gazing and make sure its low—try US UV app) we can stare into the sun without hurting our eyes. Even just 30 seconds of that golden colored light sends feel good messages to our brain, so let’s start the sun gazing movement!

When we take light in directly from a star, it travels through the pupils straight back to the pineal gland. Sun gazing even has the amazing power to heal mental disorders and sleeping disturbances and boost energy. The sun nourishes us and when we don’t see it often enough, our health suffers.

The real issue is not skin cancer, it’s are you getting enough sun? All living organisms need the sun to grow. Try growing a plant in the dark.  When we are light deficient, we are more likely to stare into our phones, monitors, develop physical illnesses and feel disconnected from our environment.

Our sun is a nutritious and powerful drink—so let’s drink it up—every single bit of those glorious rays!

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Apprentice Editor: Kimby Maxson / Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Flickr

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