May 31, 2014

To My Son. ~ Monique Minahan {Poetry}


When you are an old man, my son

I hope someone caresses your head sweetly

I hope someone thrills to kiss your soft cheeks

I hope someone is gentle with your fragility

I hope someone is patient with your age

I hope someone listens to your heart beating

As I do now


I hope someone calls it a privilege

To feel your exhale on their skin

To see the light behind your eyes

To hear the joy in your laugh

As I do now


When I am gone and you are an old man

I hope someone holds you up

I hope someone holds you close

I hope someone wipes your tears

As I do now


I hope your spirit is as fierce,

Your eyes as hopeful

And your heart as open

As it is now


I hope when you look in the mirror then

You see what I see now:

Your true essence, that radiant glow of life

That will light your way when age dims your eyes


It will guide you home when you get lost in the world

It will set you free when life blocks you in a corner

It will brilliantly light you up at the end of your life

As it does now, at the beginning.

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Apprentice Editor: Brenna Fischer / Editor: Renee Picard

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons 

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Read 2 comments and reply

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