May 27, 2014

We’re Already Good Enough, Arm Balances or Not.

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I was in a yoga class yesterday, enjoying the time before class starting, getting a feel for my body and enjoying the bliss of those first few moments on the mat.

It’s so refreshing to step out of my problems and into my sanctuary. I love this time.

While relaxing in child’s pose, I overheard a conversation that definitely caught my attention. Two women were talking about teacher trainings and I heard one say to the other, “I am interested in doing a teacher training, but I can’t do all the arm balances by myself so I could only teach beginners.”

Seems to make sense, eh? Start with what you know, with what you feel confident in breaking down and sharing. But in the moment I thought, “‘This is totally erroneous thinking!” I could sense that she felt not good enough.

No one is ‘not good enough’ to share the gift of yoga, if they love it.

I love all the arm balances going around social media these days. Arm balances are a struggle for me, as they don’t come naturally and I’ve had to learn lots of compassion, patience and new strength for myself in these poses. So when I see a graceful yogini in a lotus handstand I have two reactions: “Yeah right!” followed by, ‘Well, maybe one day, why not?”

We all have the potential. Shift and change takes time and patience but it can also happen instantaneously. It just takes dedication to your practice (whether it be meditation or asana/postures) and your overall goals. It also takes a loss of expectation and simple joy at all that you are capable of, right now, right here.

If you have the ability and motivation to step onto the mat, feel grateful for that!

The days where you want to push yourself to break through fears and find ease in something that you thought previously impossible, well those days feel quite marvelous.

But so do the days where you simply lie and pay attention to your breath, maybe have a good cry and a sigh or two. Finding presence and peace on those days feels just as marvelous as the asana breakthrough days.

Each yoga teacher has their strengths and particular teaching interests. If I waited until I could do all the arm balances by myself to do my teacher training, then I’d have to wait until next lifetime (or maybe two or three more) to offer something that I am totally passionate about sharing.

I’ll admit it was scary to start something new, to not feel good enough is normal and OK. In fact, when I first started teaching, I had dreams of walking up these huge hills to get to class, barely on time, and upon arrival really having no clue of what to do. It was scary!

But often my teachers would be in my dreams to help me. And as I found the courage in my waking life to step in front of others and share what I know, eventually my intimidating yoga dreams fell by the wayside.

So let’s not allow someone else’s practice or appearance stop us from following our dreams and aspirations. We all have unique gifts to offer and recognize there are people out there who are craving and needing just what you have to offer.

“Don’t be afraid that you don’t know enough. No one ever does.”


This is the quote that gave me the strength to begin teaching in the first place and continues to allow me to make progress and beneficial strides in my life. If I waited until I knew enough to do the things I love, well then I’d still be in my cradle allowing my life to idle by.

No, thanks!

In this very same yoga class that I’ve mentioned, the teacher kept leaving us with an important reminder once more allowed me to break through mental, physical and emotional hangups in my practice:

Trust Yourself.

How simple is that?

I hope the girl wanting to do the teacher training got this message as well. And I hope that all of you do too!

We are all wanted, needed and perfect, just as we are. Support and encouragement for your heart’s desires is all around you. So let’s trust ourselves and see where it takes us! We already know more than enough to begin.


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Editor: Travis May

Photos: Pixoto

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