May 21, 2014

What Every Creature Needs to Survive.

boy cuddles dog

“Snuggle time is my favorite time. Well, that and 12:34 and 3:33. 
And the time between when I take my first sip of coffee at 8 AM and when I finally wake up, at 5:00 PM.”  ~ Jarod Kintz

I would like to add the time 11:11, but getting on to the snuggle story. . .

I have written before about how animals feel and I am surprised when others are taken aback by how human-like animals are.

I feel that because dogs and cats are traditional house pets, other animals get left out by people when understanding what sentient beings they are.

Is it that we can’t relate to types of animals who we have not had a meaningful relationship with? Are we unable to extrapolate the emotions and understanding that we have for our pets to other living creatures?

Would we ever think of eating our dog for dinner? If not, then why is it okay to eat a cow or a rabbit?

How about we extrapolate this idea to animals of the sea? My guess is that many of us feel removed from these creatures as we haven’t had the chance to interact with them much, because of the different environment that they live in.

But, sometimes, something extremely special happens that bridges the gap between a land dweller and a sea dweller—and this is one of those incredible instances.

I have spent a lot of time by the sea and sailed quite a bit, but have never had an experience like this. But, just watching this clip brought me a little understanding of what every creature needs and craves to thrive in this big world that belongs to us all.



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Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Joe Birkman at Pixoto

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