June 7, 2014

5 Goddess Steps to Facing Your Fears. ~ Renee Rotkopf


In Hindu mythology, Kali is known as the Dark Mother, the Dark Goddess who many fear as well as love.

She has a frightening face, cuts through evil with her sword and drinks the blood of her victims. She is a proud warrior who wears her victims’ heads like a trophy. Her skin is black, representing her all-embracing and transcendental power.

Lately, I have been getting to know Kali better and meeting my inner Kali.

She is known as the Goddess of Freedom, as she devours fears and the illusion of the ego. A primal, wild spirit that is a fiercely passionate companion who demands the truth. For me, she comes out to play when I am feeling most distraught, unnerved, unhinged and irrational.

Before getting to know her, I did not understand this part of me. And truth be told, I was ashamed of her and did not want anyone seeing this side of me. I just wanted her to go away and feel happy again. But like a barking dog chained up in the backyard—the more I wanted her to go away, the more crazy I felt.

Kali taught me, that while unpleasant at times, the truth will set me free. By naming and facing my fears, my fears can transcend into wisdom and strength. I may not always like what is happening, but I am learning to trust the process. And when there is nothing left for me to hold into—Kali teaches me to let go and be free. And while letting go is not easy for me, once I do—I can enjoy life again.

Kali is about going beyond yourself, dropping your ego, your mask and your limitations. Developing a deep relationship to our nature is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and to others.

Try these five steps to releasing your fears and finding your inner Kali:

1. Name Your Feelings:
Sit in meditation, eyes closed and listen to the sound of your breath. Then allow your fears to surface. You don’t need to do anything, just gently watch them and name them, e.g., fear of money, worry over job, anxiety over confrontations, afraid to speak up, etc.

2. Breathe Into Them:
Don’t want or wish them away, breathe into your fears and give them room to be. Make your body a home for all of your feelings. Keeping your breath steady, and breathing deeper over the tougher feelings.

3. Explore Them:
What do they have to say? What are they connected to? Fear is a liar, so don’t react—just give it space. As you explore, see if you can hear your awareness, your inner wisdom speaking to you.

4. Face Them With Courage:
Kali challenges us to face our fears and let go of the beliefs that no longer serve us. So summon the ferocity and fierceness that lives inside your belly, and roar. 

5. Swallow Them & Surrender:
Devour your fears. And with each bite feel the flames of the wild fire in your belly grow. As the strength of the flames grow let go of whatever thoughts and feelings no longer serve you and surrender them to Kali. And roar again and again if it makes you feel better.


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Photo Credit: Pixoto/Sudipto Bhaumik

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