June 4, 2014

A Post-Savasana Poem. ~ Stephanie Prince Alexander

rest yoga savasana

My favorite part of any yoga class is after savasana, when the instructor calls for the class to turn and lay on their side in the fetal position before pushing themselves up and back into consciousness.

On the rare instances when I open my eyes for this moment and I see all the resting bodies curled up in quiet comfort, it unfurls such a stream of love out of my heart for everyone in the room.

These adults I’ve just shared my practice with look like peaceful sleeping babies.

It reminds me that we were all once innocent children and it amazes me that we all made it to this one spot, to this very class to be together for an hour of mindfulness. It suddenly all feels meant to be.


A collective fetal curl
Innocence infiltration
Room blanketed in blind bliss
A warm dark womb
The wild burned from our breath
Adults instantly infants
Obvious, understated oneness
Strangers to siblings
Stripped of sin and consequence
Bodies bare with vulnerability
Acceptance is not applicable because
Being is all


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Apprentice Editor: Emily Bartran / Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Felipe Ikehara/Flickr

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