June 24, 2014

Hippie-Hater Refuses to Sell Hippie Van to Hippies. ~ Brenna Fischer {Hilarious Ebay Ad}


My fiancé and I are in the middle of planning a year-long climbing road trip starting in Alaska, going down through Canada and into South America! We are stoked, to say the very least.

In preparation for this trip we have been saving money, getting rid of anything we don’t need and of course, looking for the perfect van.

We have our sites set on a VW Westfalia. We want it in all its retro glory; pop-top for extra head room (and dance parties), built-in mini fridge (for beer), wood paneling on the floors, stickers on the bummer, and, that-special-kind-of-1970’s-orange, curtains.

We’ve come across a few great deals, but being from out of town (we live in Japan), its been hard to pin down a sale; something about buying in person, money up front, overseas…blah, blah, blah.

And then we read this:

I do refuse the right to sell to hippies. Not kidding…seriously do not bid if you like drum circles or jam bands. If you want to take the van to Bonnaro or some stupid music festival, l I will refuse the sale. Not kidding. Hippies abused her before and I saved her from their dope smoking ways.

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud! This guy, ironically, is crossing off the entire demographic this van was made for?!

The whole ad is actually pretty amusing, he goes on to say:

This van will get you laid tho, but it will not do your taxes or open your beer.


If you win her, she is yours no backing out. She doesn’t like to be stood up. You are getting a west coast van for an east coast price. No one likes a tire kicker.

Though, we did not “win” her (not just because we fit into his definition of “hippies“), I feel I owe this guy a thank you. Planning, a road trip of this magnitude can be stressful, even with an occasional drum circle to break the tension, and it was a great reminder not to take myself too seriously.

Thanks for the laugh Mr. Hippie-Hater from Tennessee, I needed that.

To read the entire ad click here. 

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