June 24, 2014

How to Accept Anyone’s Opinion‏. ~ Crystal Bright

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When someone disagrees, insults or tries to put me down, I love them for it.

Now this may seem like a hard position to take, but it is actually the easiest and the one that will always get the best response from the other person.

Most of the time, someone is negative toward another because of how their life experience causes them to define other people and their actions.

Someone who has always felt rejected from women who are “girly-girls”—who like to take pictures and embrace their beauty—may label a person like that as negative.

Other people’s concepts have nothing to do with us. We cannot change what momentum is behind people’s thoughts, but one thing we can always do is love them exactly because they are that way. Not so they will change, but because we will not change for them.

When someone is resistant toward us, the worst thing we could do is try even harder to be resistant against them.

It sounds crazy to pull someone in closer who is thinking negatively about us, but they may be surprised when we allow them to have their own beliefs and we accept them fully.

My favorite way to address someone who is attacking me or trying to be negative toward me is to be happy someone has a point of view that is different from mine.

If we all thought the same way this place would be so dull!

I love the variety life has to offer. I wouldn’t change another’s perspective for all the money in the world because they have lived their whole life so far, and I have only experienced a little bit of their world.

I appreciate being able to experience a little bit more variety in this infinite universe.

If someone pushes against us and we pull them in, they can only keep their groundings if they release their resistance and pull us in, too.

We can’t argue with perspective.

Everyone has one and chooses what they want to see when they experience something, but we can change our perspective of others with ease. It makes a world of difference

The way we react to how people react to us could always be more unconditional.

Love others unconditionally. Allow them to have their point of view, allow ourselves to see it as valid in their lives, even if we do not agree.

It is never our journey to understand someone else’s life.

We all have a journey. If we try and assert our points of view and try to change others, we cause more of a mess. Trust that our own guidance has led us in the right direction.

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