June 7, 2014

How to Nourish Your Spirit When Life Spins Counterclockwise. ~ Carolyn Riker

spa bath

Scattered? Lost? Confused? Befuddled? Angry? Tired? Distracted?Overwhelmed?

It’s times like these that I need to refocus.

We are approaching another Mercury Retrograde (June seventh – July second) and in Vedic Astrology Mercury will be careening through Gemini. It is an excellent opportunity to be aware and actually take time to regroup.

I love how the universe builds in these moments of reflection.

It’s a time to renew.

Demands are eminent but by choosing to redefine these moments we can give it an encouraging spin.

Finding positive is graciously akin to gratitude.

I have to let go of the fanfare and focus on the small moments (which are by far the most genuine). I can’t spend another minute wasting precious time consumed by self-doubt or trying to flourish in an environment that brings me down.

Negativity is exhausting.

This is when I pull out my tried and true method of organization. It’s nothing special or new but it works.

I start a to-do-list. (Actually three.) The first two are a way to clear my thoughts.

I make a list for the regular and required day-to-day functions: laundry, meals, grocery shopping, carpool, paying bills, budget, etc.

A second one centers around my kid’s schedules and to help them stay on task with occasional reminders. It also helps me to be involved and a part of their academic and extracurricular world.

The third list is the golden one. It’s what I aspire to do just for me.

This list is precious and feeds my spirit. I pick one or two each day. For example:

  • I will write today for 30 minutes or edit my children’s book.
  • Soak in an Epsom salt-lavender-oil-infused bath
  • Sip a berry smoothie
  • Read
  • Take a nap with my cat
  • Garden and trim my roses
  • Practice yoga
  • Meditate
  • Enjoy an iced coffee and listen to the birds
  • Limit my time on the internet

These are small, tangible, concrete, sensational moments that feed me. I can’t function well without dipping into these translucent moments.

We need to feed our soul so we can freely give to others.

Haven’t we all seen the warriors who don’t find time to feed themselves? They are often unfriendly, judgmental, harsh and angry.

I get that way too. I become depleted. It’s a defense mechanism to preserve what little energy remains.

When I take time to separate the integral parts of my day I can see more clearly what needs to be done or not. What is important versus a distraction?

The key here, however, is how will I feel when I finally rest my head at night? Do I feel a sense of foreboding or joy?

I ask you, what did you do today to nourish your spirit?

Take a few minutes and start a list. I promise, it will be worth your precious time.


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Editor: Renée Picard

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