June 6, 2014

OMG! My Yoga Teacher Has No Tattoos! ~ Michael Mark {Poem}

yoga catastrophe

Not a single Chinese character

no swirling Yin-Yang

or Sanskrit prayer that might mean universal love

crawling down a thigh


How can she be a genuine yogini?


She might know all the poses

be able to adjust any body part

so it finds instant harmony

and demonstrate postures backwards that twist

students’ eyes


Still, in order for me to give over fully

to lose the self in her verbal manipulations

trust is required


A tiny Buddha on her ankle would do

an Om on the back of her neck

a tear of compassion hanging to her earlobe

peace sign on her palm

rainbow on her heel, dolphin —



Maybe she’s got a fear of needles

But shouldn’t a yogi transcend that?


The Pope has the robes for the flock

to follow behind

the guru has the flowing beard


The required yoga teacher uniform is:

2% body fat

perpetually glowing skin

teeth so white they purify all ujjayi breaths

sweet sing-songy voice

endless patience


hybrid car

and visible body ink



it’s just too distracting to practice


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Editor: Travis May

Photo Credit:  Google Image marked for reuse

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Read 12 comments and reply

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