June 11, 2014

This Love. {Poem}

pale blue sentries

This love is smoldering eyes

Burning fiercely into mine.

Navigating my pale-blue sentries,

Half-closed against the world.

A smile playing on soft lips

Tells me all I need to know,

It welcomes the mischief

that dances behind my curving lashes.


This love understands my curiosity:

childlike, innocent, free,

Appreciates my reverence for nature’s splendor.

It wipes away my falling tears

For her exquisite fragility.

It sees the shadows there also.

The places that I don’t like to examine too closely,

Nor let many see, for fear they will turn away.


This love sees my darkness and holds me anyway.

It knows that it cannot heal me, not fully.

It doesn’t try to make everything right

And I like that.

Sometimes I long to be rescued,

raised up in strong arms and cherished,

But some demons are my own to fight

This love knows the difference.


This love is snuggling in a cozy wood cabin

Deep in snowy forests,

fire crackling, casting shadows.

Far from everyone and everything

Needing only each other.

It’s being hungry for kisses, not food

For whispers in the dark

For laughter in dawn’s gentle caress.

This love is not sleeping,

for fear of missing each other

even for an instant.


This love is limbs entangled,

a single body for a heavenly moment,

Listening to thunder roaring around our embrace,

Echoing our pounding hearts.

It’s dancing in the rain

and peeling off each others wet clothes

to reveal a deeper layer beneath.

Skin upon skin.


This love is not smothering the other

With expectation, or demands

Nor jealousy or possession.

It knows that love cannot be tamed

And that holding it too tightly won’t make it stay.


This love admires the way you sleep so peacefully

Dreaming of our future.

It shows me that when I fall into your arms after the worst day

And feel your lips in my hair

That I can love the world once again.


This love is adventure. It is freedom.

This love is more than romance. It is home.


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Apprentice Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock / Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: flickr, flickr

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Read 2 comments and reply

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