June 24, 2014

Vow to Life. ~ Sana Atik {Poem}

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There comes a day when the veil must be removed.

The rose coloured glasses surrendered,

Surrendered and placed further than arms length,

Perhaps even dismantled,

So that reality can be faced,

Faced with honest eyes.


There are mornings I contemplate,

Whether to draw open the curtains and let light shine through,

Illuminating the corners of my mind,

The shadows of yet another lesson to be learnt,

Or to let them be as they are.

To let darkness consume me,

To lay content in my darkness,

And as comforting as it is in that very moment,

I am fully awake in this darkness.

Fully aware that this is the very act of denying my being of light,

Denying my ability to see the truth,

Denying my duty to see the truth.

My duty to an undying vow.


A vow made in an attempt to forgo the former way of life,

Though, in truth, the essence of this vow was an attempt to live the life I longed for.

And so, I imprinted this vow into my soul,

For there seemed to be no other way to live in the present moment,

No other road to take,

No destination to be disenchanted by.


The vow I made was to live the kind of life I love,

The kind I craved for,

The only kind my soul would ever approve of.

A vow with truth as its core,

And a humble promise to eternally seek for the truth.

To go in search for it,

And once found,

To accept it,

To embrace it,

Even in the midst of the most heart-wrenching circumstances.

A vow to forever see this truth,

To forever live and breathe from this truth.

For truth is my very essence.

And through truth may I live from the light of my essence.


Live, whilst fully aware that such a way of life can only be authentic by acknowledging truth

In every single moment it sways visibly in front of my eyes.

To honestly be dedicated to seeing the truth,

And instead of running in the opposite direction,

To run towards it,

With full force,

Eyes wide open,

Heart open,

Hands open,

Ready to grasp,

Grasp truth by its tail,

And to never let it go.


Never let it go, until it transforms impulsive desires of the heart into wisdom.

For this is what bringing truth close to the heart does,

It instils wisdom into the very core of our being.

Wisdom which becomes our strength,

Our strength for the continual delves into our core.


Thus, our vows are where truth becomes our wisdom,

And wisdom becomes our saviour.

Our saviour from the life we vowed to at last leave behind.


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Apprentice Editor: Brenna Fischer / Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo Credit: Afonso Salcedo/Pixoto


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Read 1 comment and reply

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