July 12, 2014

Please Come Find Me. {Poem}


Please Come Find Me

People look so vulnerable

When you see them from behind

When they don’t have a face to hide behind

When they don’t know you’re watching

When their heart, so fiercely protected in the front

Lies naked back there, bares so many things

Have you ever seen your spirited,

mother, so full of ideas,

Hunched over, shoulders sloping,

Reaching for her reading glasses,

Or your strong, ever-disciplined father

Standing, flesh fallen, gazing at the sea?

Your lover, who made you cry

With a will etched in steel,

Sleep less than peacefully, something choking at

The back of a wounded throat, and want to

Touch those perfect, soft folds of the neck?

We work so hard for

Happy faces, unreadable eyes,

Dreams coming and going.

But something always gives, like

We need it to fall,

To be witnessed, we leave something

Hanging, open and raw,

I ask you, please,

Walk around me

As you would a tree, trusting each turn

To reveal wisdom and understanding,

As you would a statue you know is

Harboring a secret-giving soul, a potion

Going back to beginningless time,

Please, look for revelation. We all have it.

It needs to be in being,

embraced and known.

These are the records of tomorrow,

Made from songs-of-heart.

Start now, start slow, and soft,

Work your way around, and

Come find me, and let me find you.

The world depends on it.


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Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Author’s Own

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Read 2 comments and reply

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