July 26, 2014

Take a Spirit Break! 7 Ways to Maintain Your Energy. ~ Cortney Overstreet


Ever feel mentally or emotionally zapped?

Are you someone who goes non-stop until you crash in exhaustion, or do you perhaps struggle with feeling powerless in circumstances happening in your life?

There are many opportunities to feel drained or depleted in life, to get out of balance or feel weak.

It doesn’t even have to be anything dramatic that pulls us away from our optimum state of being.

The plain and simple fact is that when we don’t take care of ourselves energetically, we put ourselves in a vulnerable, weakened spot.

We may find ourselves compelled to react to the driver who just pulled out in front of us, to mutter an impatient sigh under our breath at the snail-paced cashier while waiting in line at the coffee shop, or engage in verbal combat via the “comments” section of a Facebook post.

There are also times where there is in fact a legitimate crisis in our lives such as a heartbreak, a car accident, job loss or maybe the dread of an upcoming business trip—or in-laws’ visit.

Times where panic and fear set in like heavy fog, suffocating us and leaving us gasping for air—and not just any air: clean, fresh, magical, healing air that will make it all better in a flash and clear away the debris left from a perceived disaster.

No matter the case—from daily life inconveniences to major life challenges—when you are out of balance, you leave yourself vulnerable to be easily triggered into strong reaction.

One way to nurture our inner peace—which is a clear and easy access road into our inner Zen chamber and which projects through us to the outer world—is to proactively take Spirit Breaks.

By taking charge of your life and planning spirit breaks throughout the day, it’s much easier to maintain a balanced, centered, state of living where being overpowered by an emotional response becomes a softer, more diluted experience.

What Spring Break is for kids, so is a Spirit Break for your spirit.

It’s a time to release energy, which allows you to come back refreshed. It can be a time to awaken to the present moment, to let go of responsibility and fears, to re-connect with your “Inner Being” or God, to get grounded and breathe, or to align with higher energy.

It’s “me” time.

Here are 5 practical ways to incorporate Spirit Breaks into your day.

1.  Use Affirmations.

Place post-it notes in places you look regularly like your bathroom mirror at home, your wallet, or your car dashboard with messages of inspiration or word of wisdom. For example, “Divine Order is now established. I am safe. Things always work out for me.”

2. Sound the Alarm.

Set appointments with yourself via your smartphone at different times of the day and keep the appointment regardless of what you are doing.

3. Create a Positive Playlist.

Having a playlist handy on your smartphone and using headphones makes it easy to elevate your mood whether you are in an airport or taking a walk. Examples of some inspirational musicians: Jai Jagdeesh, Enya, or any song that is calming, soothing and makes you feel relaxed.

4. Ground Yourself.

Breathing fresh air and connecting with nature helps you to re-ground yourself. Hematite is also a stone you can wear or put in your pocket that helps to keep you grounded.

Walk barefoot in the grass, sit under a tree, or pet your feline or canine friend.

5. Get Physical.

Let off some steam by exercising, whether it’s a yoga class, running, Zumba or lifting weights. Whatever it is, get your heart rate up, sweat, and let go of stress through physical release.

6. Dark Chocolate.

Please, enjoy a square of dark chocolate—mind you, not a whole bar, moderation is still our friend.

Researchers have actually claimed that chocolate contains substances that might mimic the effects of marijuana.

7. Light It Up.

Visualize yourself sending white light to the situation or other person that is involved in your stress and receiving white light back from them. Creating this positive energy exchange in your mind will help transform the energy to a higher state.

Using these practical empowering methods is like becoming a chiropractor for your spirit. As you give yourself an “adjustment” to get the kinks out and realign your energy, you’ll find yourself ready to begin the next segment of your day feeling better.

Whether you can only take two minutes at a time, or have to sneak in a break by visiting the restroom, take your daily energetic vitamin to notice an overall greater feeling of emotional balance and calmness in your daily life. Don’t worry, you can’t overdose!

Warning—side effects will include:

  • Protection of emotional and mental energy
  • Maintenance of energetic balance
  • Feeling more empowered and less helpless.


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Apprentice Editor: Bronwyn Petry / Editor: Emily Bartran
Photo: Steven Brace/Flickr

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