July 4, 2014

The Wisdom of a Bodhisattva.

Joel Burns Bodhisattva

The wisdom of the Bodhisattva is understanding

the importance of compassion.

Compassion is central to the path.

The wisdom of the Bodhisattva means understanding

that simply feeling compassion isn’t enough.

Sometimes it takes action to cause compassion to

manifest in this world of birth and death.

The wisdom of the Bodhisattva involves understanding

that all beings are stuck in the three poisons of greed,

aversion and ignorance. So, the Bodhisattva is patient,

even when the shortcomings of others are quite apparent.

The wisdom of the Bodhisattva is founded on the understanding

that the path is not easy. Taking the vow to save all beings is the most

difficult endeavor one can begin.

The wisdom of the Bodhisattva is manifest in recognizing oneness

with all life everywhere. This is the shining void, our true nature, one with everything.

The Bodhisattva sees that love is all and love is everyone.




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