July 25, 2014

Whale Turbo Boost! Kayakers get a Lift they won’t forget.


To boat-launch your weekend, and charge you up for adventure, we wanted to share with you the experience of two kayakers who had a Southern right whale surface under their boat, and give them a boost. They caught the moment on their GoPro!

Southern right whales (Eubalaena australis) live in the Southern Hemisphere. These fortunate humans were kayaking off Puerto Madryn, in Argentine Patagonia, a popular mating region for southern rights.

Right whales travel just beneath the surface to strain copepods, pteropods, and krill in their tall baleen. Hence the encounter!

[TRANSLATION FROM SPANISH:] Man: I’m filming. Look, that one is coming over here. Can you see her?
Woman: Yes.
Man: Look. [Whale growls.] That one got angry at you. Look, here you have another one…. That one’s going to crash into us, eh?
Woman: Take pictures of them, take pictures of them.
Man: I’m filming them.
Woman: But I want one for Face [Facebook]
Man: I’ll get one later.
Woman: Aahhhhh!
Man: Look! It’s coming to bite your oar. Look! Look! Look! Look! Look! Look! Look! Look! Incredible, incredible, incredible! Loooooook! It touched us. We’re on top of the whale, we’re on top of the whale, we’re on top of the whale! Look, look, look, we have two. Maintain your balance, maintain your balance only. Look, look, look, look. Incredible. Look, look. Look, look. Look….

If you go in search of whales, remember please the Marine Mammal Protection Act: instead of pursuing or corralling a wild animal with your attentions, allow them to be free, and stress-free. Remember that they may be feeding, resting or caring for young.

Please show respect, and if they come to you, let it be their decision. For that is when real magic happens, like an arrow of joy in your heart, as these kayakers will remember for the rest of their lives!

While you may or may not encounter a pod of Southern Rights on your weekend kayak, simply getting out onto the open water increases the likelihood that something gorgeous, unexpected, serendipitous, completely Blue-Minded, will happen to you. Remember that the universe senses an open heart of goodness, and if you put yourself in the pathway of magic, it will feel you seeking it and will come to find you.

Happy voyaging!



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Editor: Travis May

Photo: Video Still

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