July 19, 2014

What Have You Done to Me, My Love? ~ Rachel Talarico-DeCosty


Awakened, stirred and ignited my soul.

You have reached into a barren landscape left with abandonment from passion.
You have watered my flower, and from your water, and my thirst combined, I open my petals in eager anticipation for your nectar.

What is love?

‘Tis the merging of two souls in the same direction—combined, unconfined, growing and accepting.
Without you I was aimless, seeking and saddened by the loss of my feminity and sensuality.

I am love, and you are love, and together we shall soar like phoenixes rising,
above the earth, like waves crashing upon the shore and like the shooting stars that grace our sky.

What have you done my love?

You have awakened me to the truth, the possibilities.
All my senses are raw and alive.
I am electric, pulsating, deep, enigmatic, sensual and passionate.
Your love has fed me like the sun feeds the sky
and for that my love, I await each day anew to see your eyes like blue oceans
so I may dive in and wonder.
What is it this time, that time, each time,
and when will be the next time?
That leaves me breathless and weak in the knees

What has he done to me?


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Apprentice Editor: Ffion Jones / Editor: Travis May

Photo: Pixoto/Emily Herkner

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