July 31, 2014

You Might Be a Yoga Teacher If… ~ Jessica Anne


Here are 10 signs that you might be a yoga teacher:

  1. You “need” a second harmonium.
  2. You suppress the urge to shout, “Put a little more curve in the lumbar spine!” as you bike past people doing push-ups at the park.
  3. You decline evening social engagements because they will f*ck with your dinacharya.
  4. You think tongue scrapers make great stocking stuffers.
  5. None of your favorite songs contain English words.
  6. Your vacation plans involve monasteries.
  7. Your child tells you that your pitta is a little out of control.
  8. You think coconut oil belongs in the personal care aisle.
  9. You suppress the urge to give total strangers hands-on adjustments.
  10. Your kids ask you why you’re all dressed up when you wear jeans.~

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Apprentice Editor: Karissa Kneeland/Editor: Travis May

Photo: Wiki Commons


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Read 6 comments and reply

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