August 3, 2014

I Eat in My Head During Yoga. ~ Michael Mark {Poem}



When the teacher says Gorilla,

I hear Quesadilla.

High Plank sounds like flank steak.

You know it does.


He says Mountain Pose, I see a fluffy cloud of whipped cream

on a sundae.


Boat makes me crave a Banana Boat, which I will eat directly

after the sundae.


Downward Dog is the bun, mustard, onions and the

grilled frank—turkey, tofu, kosher—being swallowed down.


Supine Twist is a martini with a little turned lemon slice.


Yogi is yogurt, frozen, swirls of mango and pistachio—

no one likes pistachio, so I don’t have to share.


Table Top is Thanksgiving dinner. A long table, all the fixings.


Triangle is a wedge of pie: blueberry, cherry, all the creams.

Sometimes I smell pizza!


Forward Fold is Jell-O mold—go ahead say it, it’s perfect.


She says Back Bend—I’m tasting Cornish hen.


Warrior 2 sounds like second helpings of BBQ.


Namaste—Yoga’s over, I’m mad-hungry: ‘Get out my way.’


*Anything else said in class will usually be heard as Chocolate or Cheese.



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Editor: Travis May

Image: Kevin Pastores/Pixoto








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Read 6 comments and reply

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