August 15, 2014

Life Lessons from a Child.


Today I watched a little girl dance on her front porch.

So happy. So carefree.

This is how we were meant to live.

Dancing in the rain.

Laughing at the dogs playing.

Taking the time to stop and smell the glorious nectar of the flowers.

Day dreaming of where we want to be, how we want to be, and what we want to do.

We live life in the fast lane.

Not taking the time to stop and enjoy the gifts that have been bestowed upon us. These gifts that are living proof that the Mother cares.

Not taking the time to nurture our heart’s desires. Our heart’s dreams.

Children are the perfect examples of happiness and how we should continue to live. Their outlook on life is full of wonder, astonishment, curiosity and unconditional love.

As we grow, we harden. We stop letting our imaginations run wild. We stop appreciating the simple gifts of nature because we simply “do not have the time.” We are continually told that we must have a good job, with good benefits, and provide a good life for ourselves our family.

But what about our imaginations—why are we not encouraged to use our imagination to create this good life?

Why are we not encouraged to enjoy the gifts given to us? To nurture these gifts can create an abundance of happiness, life and love.

Our society pushes us away from our childlike nature. Forcing many of us to lose sight into who we are. We are focused on what drives society as a whole, money and success, often breaking us down.

We must pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off. Like we just fell off of our bicycle and we scraped up our knee.

As a whole, our society should encourage us to use our imaginations. Think of the endless possibilities! We could solve some of the world’s most horrific tribulations if our imaginations were allowed to manifest into real world actions.

American society should take the time to slow down. Enjoy life and what we have made for ourselves. Most are too busy working and dying to enjoy the life they have made for themselves.

As a child, did these things cross our mind? No. We knew we were meant to live! To live a rich and full life of enjoyment and happiness.

This little girl reminded me of this.

Life is beautiful.

Don’t lose your childhood dreams. They were dreamt for a reason.

Be playful. Play doctor. Play chef. Play vet.

Question life. Ask questions. Search for answers.

Life is full of music for those who are willing to listen. Take the time each day to enjoy that music.

Enjoy the movement that our body makes.

Relish in the laughter that comes from deep within.

Bathe in the moonlight.

Catch the lightning bugs.

Dance in the rainstorms.

Embrace what Mother Nature provided for us.

Be carefree and open to all that surrounds us.

Slow down and taste the spice of life.



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Editor: Travis May

Photo: Pixoto/Rachel Streeb




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Read 2 comments and reply

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