August 14, 2014

Living the Dream. {Poem}

stars city sky

The starry sky in our mind flashes eternity

An imagination unbound, profound, it sings love
When removing the noise, self-harm is a swooping magpie
Yet it’s always full.

The red magnet leads it, just feel our way through
Navigate to the gate, we’ll find one nothing
Say yes, say f*ck yeah, and give it some humanity
For this is our home.

A wonderland of fire as sacred as the ashes
The beat dances to let go, grow
Put away everything that we know, be aware
Pure freedom is found.

Snap back, there’s just too much happening
Play our instrument and raise the vibes until the windows smash
We can now come and go as we please, with ease
Find a true balance.

Who, What, Where, When, Why? See?
Let our destiny unfold not our wants but our needs
Then choose the vision that our desire inspires
This is our life.
Living the dream.


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Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Pixoto 

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