August 23, 2014

The Non-Ego Drive of Artists: Flow of Sexual & Creative Energies.

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What is this drive deep inside of me that stirs when I wake…a desire so strong I have no option but to answer it?

As an artist I question my path.

Not only has society left little room to support creative endeavors and anything that does not fit in The Box, my higher conscious self checks in to be sure if what I am doing is for a reason, or self-serving.

As a yogi and conscious individual evaluating and drawing self-awareness to my behaviors, thoughts and patterns, I often stop to question my life choices, both large and small. I find this is important to do regardless of where we are at in life or what we are doing; humming by in a mindless desk job, trading our soul for riches and gold, working a job filled with passion, or simply taking time to breathe.

Every morning as my eyes open, I begin to give birth to new creations. It is like I cannot stop myself, there is something inside compelling me to do, to make, to dream, to inspire, to invent, to innovate, to imagine.

Creation is a beautiful process filled with inspiration and love that pours from the heart, the soul, at our deepest vibration. Creativity and passion may be expressed in many forms.

As an artist I choose writing, design, fashion design and jewelry design as some of the ways I create.

To what end, though?

As a person on a conscious path, the question begs to be answered: am I simply feeding my ego?

Ego, I believe the answer in this moment and all moments past is, “No.” The reason is quite simple: the drive to create is as innate for me as it is any artist—dancer, musician, painter and so on.

There is an undeniable link between artists, creativity and passion. There is not an artist I know who is not deeply emotional and passionate about life. This passion may manifest in different ways, sometimes as light, sometimes as dark.

If nurtured, channeled and recognized for the gift that it is, an artists’ passion and creativity may be honed for creation of supreme magnitude. An abundance of creation is available for any artists, and truly every human being.

The process of procreation for human beings is not unlike the process of art for artists, which explains why we are driven to do what we do in life.

You see, the drive I feel—that most every artist feels, the ones who have no choice but to follow their dream and allow their visions to manifest—is the same that all humans feel at a cellular level. This drive begins with passion and sexual energy.

It is the inborn need human beings have to procreate, to reproduce, to give birth. Artists give birth to creations.

Creative energy and sexual energy are inextricably linked. They flow from the same force.

What does this mean? It is powerful to observe, recognize and accept our own energy and how it works.  Rather than be afraid of it, damper it because it does not fit into a box society created, or try to manipulated into something it is not, celebrate it for what it is.

How beautiful to have this life force flowing inside of us, however we allow it to manifest.

For my fellow rising artists—I encourage us all explore the nature of this energy and how it feeds our work.  More to the point, it is clear we are here on Earth for a reason and this is a very good explanation why we feel driven to explore the world artistically and give birth to creations.

Breathe, feel, thrive, desire, love, dream and don’t stop creating.


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Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Les Haines at Flickr 

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Read 2 comments and reply

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